Performance Tuning

Get the most out of your vehicle

Here at Scenic Campers LTD we have over 15 years Experience in the Performance Tuning and Remapping Industry.

Custom State of the art tuning
We have state of the art equipment from CMD Flashtec and Dimsport to release the full potential from your vehicle. We offer custom written Performance Tunes and Economy Tunes.

Starting from £250 +VAT for Stage one Tunes.
ECU remapping
An ECU being remapped
What is tuning/remapping?
Modern vehicles are equipped with an Engine Control Unit (ECU) - a computer that controls how the engine functions.

The default settings (maps) from manufacturers are not necessarily optimal as they must account for climates, fuel qualities, regional laws and are often deliberately limited.

Remapping allows full utilisation of your vehicle by overwriting the default ECU settings to enhance performance. This can be for speed, power or economy